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The Bitcoin


Bitcoin is not a rare commodity, but a supposed "international currency" organized in a blockchain. It thus transcends financial systems and national borders.  Bitcoin is extremely volatile in its price development. This can be disadvantageous in value preservation and advantageous in speculation.


Its market capitalization is now so large that the Bitcoin can no longer be completely taken over or removed from the market by interested addresses.


Reasons for rising prices:

Quantity limit

Loss of Bitcoin due to loss of wallet data

Growing shadow market

Enforcement of the first cryptocurrency against the attempts of new players to establish other cryptocurrencies


Reasons for falling prices:

Too little money in the market to buy out bitcoin based on its market capitalization.

More currencies entering the market as fast money beckons.

A big player that restricts the payment method of goods to its own coin, which then has to be bought for the purchase of goods.


Quote from a critic:

“In fact, Bitcoin is, strictly speaking, a Ponzi scheme, because a value is attached to an electronically generated nothing, which consists of marketing, hot air and the dreams of self-proclaimed Bitcoin exchange professionals.”


Of course, the statement is actually true and yet one could, can, and will always be able to do one thing: Namely, continue to earn money with Bitcoin. However, one should never forget that profits from virtual assets also entail real tax payments.


Just a note: morally, earning money from a virtual product without adding value is subtracting money from the real market, which needs this money to procure labour and goods. Large quantities of coins will destroy the real economy in the medium term if the triumphant march continues. This is simply a fact to keep in mind when making your money in the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies inevitably fuel inflation.



“Bitcoin will get more competitors, as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, the banks, even central banks and in the future certainly even more participants in the financial market want to "produce" their own currency.

The option of miraculous money multiplication is attracting many big players, because simple programming creates an "asset" that is sold for an assumed value that is generated solely from the demand created and does not involve any value creation.

Many Bitcoin speculators know that there is money to be made by cleverly entering and exiting Bitcoin. But leaving the money earned in bitcoin forever is of course not an option. Therefore, a tangible investment alternative for long-term wealth protection is physical osmium, which is a non-counterfeitable, physical alternative to Bitcoin because of its scarcity.” - Ingo Wolf, Director of Osmium-Institute Germany

Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH

Kemmelallee 6, 82418 Murnau am Staffelsee

T: +49 89 7 44 88 88 - 88

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The Bitcoin