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Osmium vs. BTC & ETH




Osmium’s unique characteristics as an investment metal have tangible asset investors comparing it with the digital alternative investment Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin and osmium – the last precious metal – are quickly establishing their reputations among investors, and appearing more and more frequently in portfolios. For any investor looking to diversify, now is good time to consider both assets.


Osmium can be purchased with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This brand-new option is the chance for a good exit from Bitcoin when it hits temporary highs and profit-taking seems to make sense.


The current profit-taking trend on the Bitcoin market is interesting to see. Whenever the Bitcoin is high, BTC owners acquire real assets, and whenever prices fall, they inevitably re-enter. This is an exciting model to make easy money if you have a little luck and some expertise.


The surge of new cryptocurrencies creates competition for Bitcoin, with every new cryptocurrency vying for the funds of individuals who believe that they can correctly predict their price trends and make a profit. In contrast to Bitcoin, Osmium is at the very beginning of its market. It was introduced as the last precious metal only a few years ago.


A little assessment: To give the truth its due, the main driver for Bitcoin is the shadow market of the internet. Moreover, Bitcoin has a pull on speculators and fortune seekers. The logic is compelling, because high fortunes have been generated with bitcoin.  Nevertheless, the security in any long-term investment in Bitcoin is contingent on Bitcoin having established itself as an indispensable, and oldest cryptocurrency, and that as few other cryptocurrencies as possible will flood the market.


Bitcoin has no inherent value, but remains an outright speculation. Nevertheless, it remains a charming option if one wants to take the risk with only a part of one's assets. The money earned should then, admittedly, be converted as quickly as possible into tangible assets, such as osmium, which can be acquired with BTC and ETH without exchange fees. Since some characteristics are actually similar between BTC and osmium, the metal has a special attraction for crypto professionals.


Limited availability

The number of available Bitcoins is decreasing every day due to lost private keys and wallet data. Similarly, of the only two cubic metres of osmium, a portion will always remain in the mined platinum. This material can never be returned to a market – so both resources will one day run out. The production of osmium is not possible. This fulfils an important requirement as a long-term store of value with the potential to increase in value.


Counterfeit protection

Bitcoin is protected against hackers in its transmission by the blockchain, and is difficult to steal. Osmium has an unforgeable crystal structure for each piece of osmium and a so-called “X-code” for each piece of jewellery containing osmium.



Bitcoins can be transported across national borders on a wallet or simply transferred electronically. Osmium has the highest value density of all elements. It is therefore very easy to transport and can be easily assigned to the owner or holder at the border by customs using the Osmium World Database.

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Osmium vs. BTC & ETH